Teeth that are naturally crooked, or have experienced fractures, decay, or wear and tear create problems for oral hygiene and eating. They also reduce the effectiveness of your smile. These problems can often be overcome using porcelain crowns, once any needed procedures have been performed.

Porcelain crowns are used to cover, or replace the entire external portion of the tooth, all the way to the gum-line. Porcelain crowns are a great choice for recreating the function and form of damaged tooth. Enamel caps sculpted from porcelain offer the needed strength and the desired resilience of tooth enamel.

A Treatment of Choice

Porcelain Crowns are the treatment of choice for cases where tooth decay has invaded through the enamel, when the tooth has experienced extensive trauma and become damaged, as well as in cases of severe erosion. Furthermore, they are also implemented in case where the habit of “teeth clenching” has compromised the integrity of teeth’s structure.

At Bright White Dental Centre, our team of cosmetic dentists have the experience and the expertise to sculpt dental porcelain to precisely replicate the look of your natural tooth enamel.

Understanding Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are most commonly used to replace the external portion of the tooth to re-establish the function of tooth while simultaneously create a more natural appearance for your tooth. The biggest advantage of using crowns is that they not only recreate the original structure of the teeth, but can also be used to make them better — a great way for a flashing smile makeover!

Compared to a porcelain veneer, a crown is thicker, allowing for more robust dental procedures to be performed on teeth. The crown is normally secured by adding a light sensitive-resin as base ( think cement) between the crown and the original tooth. The resin in then hardened using a special curing light, permanently cementing the crown to the tooth.

There are two types of crowns, each used according to your oral needs.

Types of Crowns —Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are two indirect restorative methods to help restore a healthy tooth in need of a large filling. Both can be used to add esthetic appeal to your teeth by replacing old fillings. They are also helpful in further strengthening the structure of the tooth, and hence increase their durability and longevity of the treatment.

The primary difference between inlays and outlays is their placement. Inlays are placed inside the cusps of a tooth, whereas onlays are placed over the cusps, and hence within the grooves. Our dentists perform a through dental exam prior to the process, and determine which is needed in your situation.

Finally, a third form of crowning known as partial crowns, (often called as onlays), is a type porcelain filling covering more than a single cusp.

Maintenance of a Porcelain Crown

Once the procedure is complete, and the porcelain crowns have completely cemented themselves to the tooth, you can go on using and caring for it like other teeth. They are easily maintained by regularly brushing and cleaning your teeth with non abrasive toothpastes and floss.

Our Crown Consultation

At Bright White Dental Centre we are committed to delivering only the highest, most affordable, and lasting porcelain crown treatment to our customers. With us, your treatment begins only after a thorough exam, where our dentist will examine your teeth and discuss your options for using the crown. We welcome your opinions and concerns on our recommendations, and follow through with the treatment only after we have gained your confidence.

Once the procedure is complete, we schedule a follow-up appointment for evaluating the condition of the crown as well any of your concerns. So, if your tooth is in need of a restorative procedure, feel free to schedule an appointment with us.

Types of crowns:

So which one is the best:

This depends on each patients needs and we in the bright white clinic will decide according to our patients needs

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